Announce:, MIME multipart message assembler. 
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 Announce:, MIME multipart message assembler.

    I you receive multipart MIME messages and you don't always have
    MUA (Mail user agent) around that can assemble the parts back
    together, then you could check if you find this perl 5.003
    script useful.

        % mailbox mailbox mailbox ...

    The parts van be in any order and there can be even multiple
    part-files spread accross several mailboxes. The script will
    spit out each found complete FILE after assembling the parts.

    Note: This has only been tested with Emacs TM MIME styled
    multipart headers that are in form:

    If you know a Content-Type header that differs from this one, please
    send me excample multipart message so that I can add support to that
    too. The sctip tis available by sending message

        Subject: send          (try also "send help")


Sat, 11 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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