Pod::Filter, Pod::Usage, and Pod::PlainText now on CPAN 
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 Pod::Filter, Pod::Usage, and Pod::PlainText now on CPAN

An initial version of my Pod::Filter, Pod::Usage, and Pod::PlainText
modules have been uploaded to CPAN using __PAUSE__. They are in
the following locations:


    -- version 0.01 of my Pod::Filter base class to parse selected
       sections of pod docs


    -- version 0.01 of a tentative replacement for Pod::Text which uses
       Pod::Filter as its base class.


    -- version 0.01 of my pod2usage() function to print program
       usage messages from a script's embedded pod docs
       (requires Pod::Filter and Pod::PlainText)

These modules are being released right now strictly for the purpose of
obtaining some feedback and they may be changed in incompatible ways
in future releases (even their names may change).

Please email any questions/comments/suggestions about these modules


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Tue, 26 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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