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 ftp.pl, lchat.pl, socket.ph

hello everyone!
has anyone used the 2 scripts ftp.pl & lchat.pl to automate some ftp
processes.  i'm having some trouble getting them to work.  

my source of problem is the file sys/socket.ph .  
inside of lchat.pl is the line:
# Only include sys/socket.ph if not already there

my understanding of perl is not really that great yet, so i think i'm
getting a bit confused with exactly what this means.

1)  i don't have socket.ph in my perl directory, only socket.pm, this isn't
the right file is it?
2)  i saw that to make socket.ph you have to run h2ph, but i couldn't find
h2ph, and didn't exactly understand how to use it.  i know it takes
socket.h (is this the socket.h in the standard C++ library?) and produces
3)  where do i need to put socket.ph?
4)  is there anything else i need along with socket.ph (e.g. socket.pm)?
5)  i'm a bit confused as to the difference between use & require.  which
should i use here or does it matter?

i would REALLY appreciate any answers or clarifications of the above... has
anyone used these scripts?
thanks in advance!

Mon, 13 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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