Better regex answer to FMTEYEWTK question "Is it a number?" 
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 Better regex answer to FMTEYEWTK question "Is it a number?"

I've been trying to match strings which contain numbers which may or may
be separated by commas:

    , 10 20.5, -30.35e+02, ,

When I tried using a regex of the form:


(from the FMTEYEWTK series) to handle the numeric parts, I got a regex
error message.  Here's what I tried:

    $_ = '    , 10 20.5, -30.35e+02, ,';

    print "good\n" if
        m/([+-]? (?=\d|\.\d) \d* (\.\d*)? ([Ee] [+-]? \d+)? \s*

and the message was:

    /([+-]? (?=\d|\.\d) \d* (\.\d*)? ([Ee] [+-]? \d+)? \s* (,\s*)*
)+/:     \
    regexp *+ operand could be empty (...)

If I change the match part to:

    print "good\n" if
        m/([+-]? (\d+(\.\d*)? | \.\d+) ([Ee] [+-]? \d+)? \s* (,\s*)*

my script worked.  It seems that (?=\d|\.\d) portion in the first
attempt causes (or fails to prevent) the above regex error message.

This may or may not be a bug in the regex compiler; I'm not sure.  If
not, then a better way to match numbers with a regex would be


which differs from the regex in the FMTEYEWTK series.


P.S. By the way, the idea for the "better" (possibly) regex comes from
"Mastering Regular Expressions".

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Fri, 25 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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