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Any help would be appreciated with this one:

PERL 5.004  on SCO w/ Netscape FastTrack 2.0

Scenario: I have a script that parses an HTML form and upload file and
writes this to an upload directory. I am using for the actual
file and text extract/parse/save routine.

Process: User fills out form and chooses file for upload (using
type=file multipart/form-data). Users will be on either MAC or PC.
File is either JPG,TIFF,GIF or Proprietary (Quark Express and Multi-Ad
Creator on Macintosh) User than submits the form and the script saves
the file into its proper filename and the text is placed into a text
file. This seems to be working O.K. until:

Problem: Everything seems O.K. until I try to view the 'uploaded from
a MAC'  files on a MAC again. Fetch is used to retrieve the files from
the upload directory and when you go to view them, corrupt file. I can
view the JPG/TIFF/GIF files fine when I ftp them back to my PC(Win95)
but when brought to the MAC, failure. The proprietary files seem to be
about a fifth of the size of what they wre when they were uploaded via
the same MAC. Is this a MAC file fork problem? Binhex? File header? I
know nothing about the MAC file system (except for the nifty terms in
the previous sentence that I read about looking for an answer) and am
rather stumped.

Thu, 07 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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