Redirecting STDERR to file then back to terminal? 
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 Redirecting STDERR to file then back to terminal?

If I want to temporarily redirect standard error messages to a file,
then later direct it back to the screen again, is it as simple as this
(which appears to work):

open (STDERR, ">temp_err.log");

   (first batch of error messages go to temp_err.log)

open (STDERR, ">-");

   (second batch of error message return to being output to screen)

Originally I tried closing STDERR in between the two "opens", but that
resulted in the second batch of error messages just being lost (neither
in temp_err.log or on screen).

It just seems wrong to do the second open on STDERR without first
closing it, or am I fretting about nothing?


---Tom Turton

Mon, 05 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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