Script Ok from the Shell, not Ok from Apache Rh8.0 
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 Script Ok from the Shell, not Ok from Apache Rh8.0

Hi everyone,

I'am porting a web application from RedHat 6.2 to RedHat 8/0
I have a script which run fine when I test it from the command line
(all the HTML code is well generated).
When this script is started by Apache it is then blocked right from the
I use and (with Pg).
I tried to split the script in a smaller ones in order to localte the faulty
part but
I came to the conclusion that everything is Ok when I test each part alone !
It seems that when there is more than 350 lines of code something does'nt
Whatever I remove if I'am smaller than 350 lines of codes it works.
The -Tw doesn't give any usefull data.

With the ps command I can see there is a perl process executing my script
file with.
But this process is blocked on  writing to pipe ?? It's like the stdout of
my script was
redirected to something wrong when my script is larger than 350 lines ?

Thanks for your help.


Tue, 17 May 2005 00:07:37 GMT  
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