Code Optimization-- Can I do this better? 
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 Code Optimization-- Can I do this better?


># Random Number Generator Engine
>sub rndengine{
>  srand(time|$$);
>  $i = int(rand($limit));
>  $i;

You should never, ever, ever call `srand' more than once in your
entire program.  If you call it every time you generate a number, as
you do here, you substantially reduce the amound of randomness in the
generator.  Also, the global variable $i is superfluous here.  Do it
like this:

        sub rndengine { int rand $limit }

That said, I might write the generator like this:

# generate(n): generate n distinct random numbers and return list of them
sub generate {
  my $n = shift;
  my %r;
  while (keys %r < $n) {
    $r{randengine()} = 1;
  keys %r;


Now `generate(3)' returns a list of three distinct random numbers.
The principle at work here it Tom's Pavlovian Conditioning Rule:
``When you hear the word `unique', say `hash'. ''

Of course, your random numbers are between 0 and 3, so the fastest and
easiest way to generate three of them is by simply choosing which of
the four possibilities you're going to *omit*, like this:

sub generate {


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