FAQ 1.14 What is a JAPH? 
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 FAQ 1.14 What is a JAPH?

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1.14: What is a JAPH?

    (contributed by brian d foy)

    JAPH stands for "Just another Perl hacker,", which Randal Schwartz used
    to sign email and usenet messages starting in the late 1980s. He
    previously used the phrase with many subjects ("Just another x
    hacker,"), so to distinguish his JAPH, he started to write them as Perl

            print "Just another Perl hacker,";

    Other people picked up on this and started to write clever or obfuscated
    programs to produce the same output, spinning things quickly out of
    control while still providing hours of amu{*filter*}t for their creators and

    CPAN has several JAPH programs at http://www.*-*-*.com/


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