Searching updated references to TCL/Win32 status 
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 Searching updated references to TCL/Win32 status

I used to be a perl programmer, and life was good.

A year ago, I left perl to do write a series of applications
for MS Access.  Life is no longer good.  More and more of my
time is being spent on oddities of Visual Basic.

About once a quarter I poke my head out to see if it will be
possible to dump Visual Basic forever and do our entire user
interface in perl.  Life would be good again.

According to the FAQ's, perlTCL is not yet available for win95
or WinNT.  But I've seen one or two posts from people who appear
to be using it.  Are the FAQ's out of date?  Are there any new
resources or updates as to the status of the port?


Fri, 25 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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