Perl needtobie wants info on DBI DBD Oracle Netscape Enterprise NT 
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 Perl needtobie wants info on DBI DBD Oracle Netscape Enterprise NT

Just got dropped into a 12,000 line Perl website support/migration

Current tools:
Perl 5.004
Perl DBI module
Perl::mSQL DBD module
mSQL ( mini SQL from )
Netscape Enterprise Server

Desired development platform.... to learn application:
Windows NT 4.0
ActivePerl 5.004 ( or should I use the Standard ? )
Perl DBI module ( once I figure out how to build and install the thing )

Perl::Oracle DBD module ( once I figure out the DBI and then the DBD )
Oracle Enterprise 8.0
Netscape Enterprise 3.51

My problems are that I can't figure out if this is the best solution to
try and get a dev station up and running to get familiar with the code.
I am limited to NT cause... well.. thats what I have and know. I have to
use Oracle cause thats whats used here.... and the application currently
hits the database using DBI and DBD As you can see by the selection of
tools above.... I can't seem to get the DBI DBD modules to install. I am
at the point where they say.... type make.... and things should happen.
My guess now is that I don't have an ANSI C compiler installed to
recognize the make command.....

If someone could find an easier way to start learning Perl (with a DB
backend ) .... I would appreciate it.... If you are simply going to slam
me.... save your breath....

I have scoured the net for 2 days reading FAQ after FAQ.... alot of it
is UNIX biased.... I don't have that option.... not yet..... ultimatley,
it will all be running on Solaris.... but for now.... NT. So if you have
some sites that tutor to NT people... please give me the links....


Mon, 12 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Perl needtobie wants info on DBI DBD Oracle Netscape Enterprise NT
I've successfully build DBI/DBD::Oracle under perl5.004_04 on NT.
I used MS VC++ 5.0.

Tue, 13 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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