Net::SSLeay post requests and authenticating proxy 
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 Net::SSLeay post requests and authenticating proxy

I need to relay browser requests from an intranet proxy server over the
internet using SSL. I was thinking of using Net::SSLeay and
Openssl-0.9.1c to make the HTTPS request and send stdout back to the end

The requests may be POST requests. Does Net::SSLeay handle the post
method? Can it send basic authentication user/pass with the request?

Can anyone give me suggestions at accomplishing this goal (or the main
goal of authenticating the proxy requests transparent to the end user.
See below for the LONGER post describing the situation.) Thanks!

Ed Eddington
(Please reply directly if possible!)

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> HTTP requests are coming into a proxy machine on an intranet. These
> requests need to be redirected over the internet to another server
> using SSL. The requests also have to be authenticated by the internet
> server using a username/password unique to the proxy server (NOT
> entered by end users). So, the original requests need to have the
> username and password added at the proxy server and then made over
> SSL.

> I was thinking of writing a Perl CGI script to use Net::SSLeay that
> would be executed by the first request and make the HTTPS request
> to the internet server, using basic authentication, and pass the
> response back on stdout. Would this be practical?

> I would also be interested in other ideas of redirecting the requests
> and authenticating the proxy server. The basic requirement is
> authenticating the proxy server and using SSL - and being transparent to
> end users.

> The proxy server is Microsoft IIS on NT. The internet server is
> Stronghold (Apache).

> Is there an Active-X control to do this easily? What about any built-in
> functionality on IIS? Could Apache do this easier?

> Would there a similar way to use digital certificates to authenticate
> a proxy server when transparently redirecting the request?

> Any thoughts are appreciated.

> Ed

Mon, 26 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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