and file-upload.cgi 
Author Message and file-upload.cgi

Im getting a funny prob with the perl lib. Didnt touch it but
somehow when running the file-upload.cgi script now, i come out with the
following error message in the logs:

Can't find string terminator "END_OF_AUTOLOAD" anywhere before EOF at line 645.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at file-upload.cgi line 96.

Tried another copy of n it is still the same. The funny thing is
tt the script was working fine before. I just changed some directory
struc (not related to wat im doing with the perl script) n now it's no
longer running.
Ive even checked the line 645 in the n cant find anything wrong.
Line 96 in file-upload.cgi is using one of the modules in n i
guess tts why it is not compiling. Hence the problem should be with the instead of the perl script itself.
Any idea? Pls email it to me.


Systems Engineer, Internet Division
CSA Holdings Ltd, Singapore.

Fri, 08 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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