Need a litlle hand on Netware-Perl: interfacing the server 
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 Need a litlle hand on Netware-Perl: interfacing the server


Im still looking for someone to give me a hint on the internal
server-commands of Netware 3.12 as used with Perl.NLM.

The little doc gives the following example:


>  local($func) = &Symbol'Import("SendConsoleBroadcast");
>  die "$!" if ($func == 0);

>  local($ret) = &Symbol'Call($func, $args);
>  &Symbol'Unimport("SendConsoleBroadcast");
>  $ret = unpack("i", $ret);
>  # return $ret
> }

> $i = &SendConsoleBroadcast("this is the message", 2);

Obviously "SendConsoleMessage" is used to call an internal function. Can
anyone point me to a list of all internal functions, please?
I have to find out which users are member of certain groups, and I have
to find out whether they are connected at the moment..

BTW. Netware = 3.12, and Perl is the free version I leeched from CPAN.
But even Netware 4.11 (which has Perl included) has nul-point-nacko info
on this:(

Loek Gijben

Sun, 27 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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