real stupid real quick win95/perl ?? 
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 real stupid real quick win95/perl ??

  Hi all....

    I know this is stupid *but* what the heck does perl5 for win32 call as
a pre-processor ?? I cant get anything but 'bad command or filename' from
perl -P ??  I use Perl 5 r 107(9 ?) for win95/NT and djgpp.  So far I have
tried creating programs(and .bats) called 'cpp.exe(bat) cc.XX cppstdin.XX
go dice...ok then I tried creating env. vars with the above names - still
no go ! :P - Hmm..scan the perl binaries for strings no dice

I surrendered...I know its a lame question...but please dont make me hunt
through the source :) ( takes FOREVER to d/l at 14.4 :)  )

Oh..while I'm at it..what is the diff. between fork() and the win32
process spawner ??  I was kinda perturbed to see fork was not supported...
but there is a new win32 specific file included for spawning a process
why ??

Ok...Sorry for the stupid ?? but its 4 am and I ran out of coffee :)

thanx all ... Hope ya get a grin out of this :) - I prolly have to define

Note: Public thanx to MicroSoft for supporting the win32 Perl port...
      First time I ever had anything nice to say bout MS :)


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Thu, 21 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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