Why Doesn't Push Have A Default? 
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 Why Doesn't Push Have A Default?

[Cross-posted and follow-ups'd to comp.lang.perl.misc since
we shouldn't be posting new stuff to c.l.p anymore.]

) Is there a good reason why:

) Doesn't default to pushing $_?
) If not, I'd like to have my first play at tweaking perl  :-)

I can think of three (none too overpowering):

    So that:

    Because it would make a case where



    Because perl5 is starting to move away from even the
    existing defaults of this type.

I agree with the last one.  Most of the defaults save about
three keystrokes while making Perl scripts that use them more
confusing to those who don't know Perl well yet (ie. don't
know these defaults).

             Nothing is obvious unless you are overlooking something

Thu, 04 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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