Setting real/effective UID under Perl5.003 on solaris 
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 Setting real/effective UID under Perl5.003 on solaris

 Yet more daemon aggros... I've got myself what is now (thanks to all
for the grep(0 help , BTW) a working daemon in terms of socket code
parsing commands properly and, obviously, performing the functions I want.

 Before adding more functions, I thought I'd tidy the daemon up, so I've done
the following to make it cleaner so far :

 # Fork into background
 # Become process group leader
 # Detach from control terminal (not quite done yet)

 Now, the natural thing I want it to be able to do, is become a safer user
after the bind(), so I getpwnam the user defined for this purpose in the
config file, and try setting UID to that user, which fails, causing
perl to bum out with an error : ticketd: fatal: relocation error: symbol not found:
 setreuid: referenced in ticketd

 Any ideas ?

 For my next trick - I also want to change the name in the process table
to just read "my-daemon", or whatever - is there a nice easy way to do this ?

Thanks for any help,


P.S. Please CC me by email in any replies, cheers.

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