HELP:Oraperl and Stored Procedure 
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 HELP:Oraperl and Stored Procedure

Hi there,

I'm using oraperl to access a Oracle DB v.7.1.6 on a Sun Sparc station

In that case I'm having trouble calling a stored procedure, having nine
input parameters and three output parameters. When I call this
procedure, called auto_reg, the procedure fail. Then I'm having trouble
finding out what's wrong. The ora_errstr value is:
        ORA-06550: line , column :
and the ora_errno value is:

How do you get the value of "RAISE"-errors from the procedure ??

BTW: I have been trying to use out parameters in a stored procedure
using ODBC, and been told that it dosen't work with ODBC. Now I'm
wondering if that's the same using oraperl (I know that oraperl dosen't
use ODBC).

Please email me, and I will tell the "world" the answer.

Thanks in advance.

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Thu, 13 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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