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 netware perl

hello, excuse me if this has been adressed before - i'm fairly new to
the newsgroup...

i downloaded the compiled version of perl4 from cpan, for netware at the
request of my boss.. unfortunatly this version has No documentation with
it, for instalation or netware-specific commands...
i'm very familar with perl4 itself on unix and win32 systems due to the
cgi scripts i edit/write for my current job, but now we're looking at
moving to using perl for some network admin functions on the netware
server and other than doing system calls at the netware prompt i'm not
sure what perl can do for us (although it'll still be better than the
old dos based batch files the department has used before!) - if anyone
has any experience with running/installing/using perl4 on a netware
server, please contact me so i can borrow your brain for a few days.. or
at least ask a few questions <g>.

sorry if this is spam, have a good day.

~Jon (that guy)

Tue, 11 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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