work on command line and not via browser? 
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 work on command line and not via browser?

: The following routine, which reads a web page and writes the data to
: a file, works everytime  in a command line environment but works
          ^^^^^            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: intermitently when the program is called from a web browser.

: Any ideas why? and what can I change to make it work every time?

This is a Frequently Asked Question.

Even though it is a _CGI_ question, _not_ a perl question, the Perl FAQ
addresses it.

from the perl Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) part 9:

=head2 My CGI script runs from the command line but not the browser.  Can you help me fix it?

Sure, but you probably can't afford our contracting rates :-)

Seriously, if you can demonstrate that you've read the following FAQs
and that your problem isn't something simple that can be easily
answered, you'll probably receive a courteous and useful reply to your
question if you post it on comp.infosystems.www.authoring.cgi (if it's
something to do with HTTP, HTML, or the CGI protocols).  Questions that
appear to be Perl questions but are really CGI ones that are posted to
comp.lang.perl.misc may not be so well received.

The useful FAQs are:


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