PerlIS problem reading network drive 
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 PerlIS problem reading network drive

I've got a simple script to read a directory.  It doesn't seem to work when run
using PerlIs under MS IIS when trying to read a drive on a network that's
currently mapped.  It works fine under my normal C drive.  

This also works from the command line.  I did the unthinkable - putting
perl.exe in the Scripts directory under IIS and trying it via a Web page like:


This works fine as well.

So does PerlIS not have any knowledge of shared drives?

Here's my primitive code snippet:

# F Drive is a drive on a network shared for everyone.

$SHARENAME = "F:\\";

if (opendir(DD,$SHARENAME))
        foreach $name (sort readdir(DD)) {
                $fullname = $SHARENAME . "\\" . $name;
                if (-d $fullname) {
                        print "$name was a directory\n";
                } else {
                        print "$name was not a directory\n";



Kevin Smith

Sat, 31 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 PerlIS problem reading network drive

After a little more deugging I found the error returned bu opendir is

 No such file or directory

Still don't know why though.

Kevin Smith

Sat, 31 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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