how to do 150,000 record associative arrays ??? 
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 how to do 150,000 record associative arrays ???


> I'm trying to do some perl processing of an employee database consisting of
> 150,000 people, each with colon-delimited one-line-per-person records.

> The problem I'm having is that I think I'm hitting a memory leak wall
> in having so many records in a huge set of associative arrays.  When
> I get to about 100,000 records, it hangs on an Apollo (HP/Apollo 64MB RAM,
> 400MB swap) and it also hangs (and core dumps) on a DEC Alpha (osf/1 and way
> more memory and swap).

It's not a leak in the strict sense. Perl's memory allocation
mechanisms do not cooperate well with hashes as they grow.

I would recommend you look at the DB_File module (or other DBM modules).

        perldoc AnyDBM_File

for information (with Perl5.001m).


Tue, 14 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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