Runtime exception problem. 
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 Runtime exception problem.

When I execute a long running sub in my Perl/Tk program this way:

$top->Button(-text=>"Start", -command=>sub{long_running_sub()})->pack();

the program terminates after completing the long_running_sub saying "Error:
Runtime exception". However if I use bindings to execute the sub, like this:

$top->bind("<Key-Return>", sub{long_running_sub()});

the program works fine and returns to the MainLoop. This happens only on
long running subs which run about 3-4 secs or more. Are there runtime limits
for subs? If yes, why?

I run Activestate Perl on Win98.

I haven't found a reason for this in the FAQ. Anyone know why this happens,
and maybe the solution to it.

Sigmund S.

10 PRINT "And here we go again...":GOTO 10

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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