Help: Embedded Perl 5.002 Port DLL fails on Win95 
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 Help: Embedded Perl 5.002 Port DLL fails on Win95


We have created a DLL based on Perl release 5.002 which allows the Perl
intepreter to be embedded and called form a C++ client as well as
provide the necessary module glue to allow it to execute C++ native

We have had this working for some time now (1year +) on Windows NT and
Windows 98.

However I have not been able to make it work on Windows 95 because the
DLL refuses to load with the very peculiar and rather undocumented Error
1114 A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed.

I have tried a number of avenues, mostly in the dark. In particular, I
thought for a while that we had blown some sort of TLS (Thread Local
Storage) limit.

NOTE: Depends.exe finds no undefined or unreachable dependencies that
are not satisfied under Windows 95
This DLL depends on: KERNEL32, ADVAPI32.dll and MSVCRT.DLL.

I know we must be blowing some sort of internal Table limit of the
Linker/Loader specific to Windows 95. However I have not been very lucky
finding any documentation which either provides some "under the hood"
info and even a list of WIn32 APIs not implemented in WIndows 95.

Would a kind sole provide some hints of where to look next ? Or some
information of what was changed in a later version of Perl to make it
work under WIndows 95 (release notes on the cpan site does not have
explicit statements to that effect).


Serge Limondin,

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