Win32::ODBC - Parse exception 
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 Win32::ODBC - Parse exception

Hello !

        I am trying to use win32::ODBC to access an ODBC database
(SQL server). I am working on windows NT 4.0.

        But my workstation is a Dec Alpha !!

        Each time i run a perl script that uses win32::odbc, I have
a 'parse exception'. I readed in the win32::odbc FAQs that it was
a release problem. But it is the same with the builds 306, 304, and
110 of perl.

        Is it a problem due to the OBDC.ppl file ? I think pll files
are compiled. So if I don't have an alpha binary code... it won't work !
(I use the Alpha_ODBC.pll available on
that i renamed ODBC.pll and placed in the lib/auto/win32/odbc
directory). But i am
a beginner and don't know much on perl modules. I don't know where to
get some
informations on pll files.

        If you have any suggestion please help me !!

        Thank you by advance.


Sun, 14 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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