win32::api and win32::gui 
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 win32::api and win32::gui

hi. i'm currently using this code to select all the checkboxes in a listview
when it is loaded. what i'd like to do is just select the checkbox if
something equals something else, problem being that i don't even know how
this code is doing what its doing. could someone explain it to me or offer
any suggestions on chaning 1 checkbox?

my $SendMsg = new Win32::API("user32", "SendMessage", "NNNP", "N");
use constant LVIF_STATE  => 0x8;
use constant LVM_SETITEMSTATE  => 0x102B;
use constant LVIS_STATEIMAGEMASK  => 0xF000;
my $lpPoint = pack("LLLLLALLLL", LVIF_STATE, 0, 0,
0x2000,LVIS_STATEIMAGEMASK, " ", 127, 0, 0, 0);
my $rtn = $SendMsg->Call($ListView->{'-handle'}, LVM_SETITEMSTATE, -1,

Sat, 09 Oct 2004 05:54:30 GMT  
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