NET::SMTP Mail not sent- Queued mail for delivery 
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 NET::SMTP Mail not sent- Queued mail for delivery

Dear all,

1. Recently I had installed ActivePerl 5.6.9 in our NT server.

2. We have succesfully been able to send out email with the online
form thru ASP scripts.

3. We badly needed to do the same for perl scripts, and NET::SMTP came
very highly recommended.

4. However we have problem getting the mail sent and we are at a total

5. We got a "Queued mail for delivery", but the email was never

6. We would very much appreciate your kindness in advising us to solve
the problem.

Our script

use Net::SMTP;

        $mailhost = "localhost";

        $smtp = Net::SMTP->new($mailhost, Hello => $mailhost, Debug =>
1); # connect to an SMTP server

address here

        $smtp->data();                      # Start the mail

        # Send the header.        
        $smtp->datasend("To: Michael\n");
        $smtp->datasend("From: Info\n");
        $smtp->datasend("Subject: Mail Test\n");

        # Send the body.
        $smtp->datasend("Hello, World!\n");
        $smtp->dataend();                   # Finish sending the mail

Debugging print-out
Net::SMTP: Net::SMTP(2.15)
Net::SMTP:   Net::Cmd(2.18)
Net::SMTP:     Exporter(5.562)
Net::SMTP:   IO::Socket::INET(1.25)
Net::SMTP:     IO::Socket(1.26)
Net::SMTP:       IO::Handle(1.21)

Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 220 STSI10 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service,
Version: 5.0.2195.5329 ready at  Mon, 5 May 2003 17:03:23 +0800
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)>>> EHLO localhost

Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-STSI10 Hello []
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-AUTH=LOGIN
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-TURN
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-ATRN
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-SIZE 2097152
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-ETRN
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-PIPELINING
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-DSN
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-8bitmime
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-BINARYMIME
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-CHUNKING
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250-VRFY
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250 OK


Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)>>> DATA

Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 354 Start mail input; end with
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)>>> To: Michael
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)>>> From: Info
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)>>> Subject: Mail Test
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)>>> Hello, World!
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)>>> .
Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 250 2.6.0

Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)>>> QUIT

Net::SMTP=GLOB(0x17f2ebc)<<< 221 2.0.0 STSI10 Service closing
transmission channel

Many Thanks,

Sat, 22 Oct 2005 07:07:39 GMT  
 NET::SMTP Mail not sent- Queued mail for delivery
> 5. We got a "Queued mail for delivery", but the email was never
> delivered.



your problem lies with the mail server,
your perl code is working fine. Maybe
the server has a problem with missing
adresses in the "From:" and "To:" headers
of the mail? You have to enable debug logging
on the mail server and look inside your
event log to see the failure reasons.


Sat, 22 Oct 2005 07:40:09 GMT  
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