HELP: Problem w/Tk, Dialog Boxes 
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 HELP: Problem w/Tk, Dialog Boxes

Environment:  AIX v4.1.{4,5}
Perl: 5.004
Tk:  400.202

I'm attempting to develop a perl/tk script to automate a process here
and one of the things I want to do is to have a call to edit a specific
file fire as the result of a button click.  That works well enough, but
I'd also like to pop a dialog box containing editing instructions just
prior to the editor window popping, as shown in the code segment below.
Of interest, the commented code successfully calls gvim; however, if I
uncomment the lines defining and calling the Dialog, the dialog pops but
my entire X-session freezes solid (on screen clock stops, can't mouse
between any of multiple windows, change focus, etc.).  Same happens if I
replace the call to gvim with something like 'xterm -e vi'.  If I go to
another terminal while my own session is frozen, I can see that gvim has
been called, but ....  I've tried this both as shown, with back-tics,
and as a system() call  with identical behavior

I'd like to think this is a problem with perl/tk, but I'm just as
willing to believe there's a fundamental error I've committed here but
can't see because I'm too close to the problem.  If anybody would care
to take a look at this and give me the benefit of his/her thoughts, I'd
be grateful.  I have RTFM, the FAQ, etc., but find no joy.

  Bob Melson

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# the "calling" button
$cont = $f->Button(
        -font           => $font,
        -text           => 'EDIT Contents File',
        -command        => [\&edit_contents],
        -relief         => 'raised',
$gvim = "/usr/local/bin/gvim -n";

sub edit_contents
#       my $info = "Edit Contents File";
#       $d = $w->Dialog(
#               -title          => 'Edit Contents File',
#               -text           => $info,
#               -bitmap         => 'info',
#               -default_botton => 'CONTINUE',
#               -buttons        => ['CONTINUE','RETURN'],
#       );
#       my $b = $d->Show();
#       if( $b eq 'CONTINUE' )
#       {
        chdir "/ptfadmin/sandboxes/$ptf";
        `$gvim  contents`;
#       }


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Tue, 08 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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