DBD::Oracle: finish doesn't free resources 
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 DBD::Oracle: finish doesn't free resources

 I'm using perl 5.004_04 with DBI 0.93, DBD:Oracle 0.48,
and Oracle 7.3 on Solaris 2.5.

  It seems that that the finish method doesn't actually
free any resources. Specifically, if I repeatedly prepare,
execute, and finish a statement handle, I get an
"ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded (DBD: oopen error)"

  Here is a sample script which demonstrates the error.
It should crash if you have more tables in your schema than
available Oracle cursors. (At least, it crashes on my


# $dbh = connect to your Oracle database ..

# Grab all the table names in this schema.
# My database has over 50 tables.

$sth_tables = $dbh -> prepare (qq{
   select table_name
     from user_tables
 order by table_name


$sth_tables -> execute;      

$n = 0;
while (($table) = $sth_tables->fetchrow_array) {
    print "Preparing $table ($n)\n";

    $sth = $dbh -> prepare ("select * from $table")
        || die $DBI::errstr;

    $sth -> execute;
    $sth -> finish;


$sth_tables -> finish;  

  I can work around the problem by frequently
disconnecting and reconnecting to the database,
but that's a {*filter*} solution.

  I've also noticed that I can prepare a statement,
execute it, finish it, and then execute it again.
My understanding is that once I finish a statement,
I have to prepare it again.

  Any clues?

Todd Hivnor
<hivnor at shore dot net>

Wed, 22 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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