Senior UNIX System Administrator SE MI 810/313 
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 Senior UNIX System Administrator SE MI 810/313

Senior UNIX System Administrator/Web Master

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Compensation range:  to 85k+, Bonus, Stock options
Functional Area: Technical
Location: Birmingham, Michigan
Skills/Keywords: Internet, INTRAnet, Web, WWW, Java, C++, Perl, Solaris
2.x, HTTP, TCP/IP, Webmaster, UNIX, SQL, security, Solaris, database
integration, CGI, system administration, HTML, DBMS Gateway, Sendmail,
SMTP, Apache, Linux

Visit us at http://www.*-*-*.com/ where career opportunities are

The Opportunity in Brief for Senior UNIX System Administrators:

As our Senior UNIX System administrator for a "midsized" site, you are
responsible for administering our Sun Sparcs running Solaris 2.5 (and
other Intel servers running various UNIX flavors). You would handle all
DNS, Sendmail, TCP/IP networking, system installation, printing systems
and installing third party software. To repeat, you MUST be very strong
in TCP/IP networking concepts.

Web server (HTTP, HTTPS) setup and maintenance (Netscape, Apache, IIS
and others).

You will write and troubleshoot shell scripts. You will identify tasks
which need automating and automate them.

You will be part of Web application development projects, bringing your
C++, Perl and other skills to bear with our Web Presence Engineers to
bring interactivity to the Web. Experience using relational databases
will be important, including experience programming in a DB query
language. You will be a key part of the team linking web servers to
legacy database systems.

Experience with network security (firewalls, authentication systems) and
with host security (passwords, file permissions)

Linking multiple office locations and providing for ISDN telecommuters
(PPP) will play a larger role as the months go on.

You will evaluate and recommend purchases and be primarily responsible
for future plans for the site.You would handle all upgrades, backups,
network security policies.

A small percentage of your time will be spent helping our clients
install and configure T-1 Internet access from BBN Planet, our business

Most of the work is done from our Michigan HQ, though there are short
periods  physically out at a client.

You must be comfortable working in a "team" rather than "lone wolf"
environment and can effectively communicate with clients and team
members. You must have the drive and ability to work long hours in a
hardworking, yet fun, entrepreneurial environment.  Successful companies
in lightening fast industries are not built by technologists who call it
quits at 40 hours.  50-60  hour weeks are the norm and you should be at
a point in your life where you are willing and able to make this kind of
commitment to your work.


The successful applicant for our UNIX System Administrator/Senior
Webmaster position:

3 to 5 years experience as a UNIX System administer. Solaris 2.x
experience necessary.

A Web Networking guru with strong experience in DNS, TCP/IP, Sendmail.

UNIX Web Server setup/maintenance experience is critical.

Strong C++ and Perl skills are required.

Has detailed knowledge of  the Internet and some of the areas listed in
The Opportunity in Brief. You should know how to find the code you need
on the net and enjoy keeping up on the latest developments.

Able to handle multiple, simultaneous technical projects. You must be
self motivated and organized. You must enjoy talking with and helping
customers.  If you find customers to be an annoyance, this would not be
the right place for you ; )

Has a Passion for the Internet and the promise of electronic commerce:

Has earned a Bachelors Degree in computer science or related field.
"Real world" career experience highly valued for this position.

Note: We have strong PC Lan Administrators who can cover your weaknesses
with Windows NT and Windows 95 networking.

About The Internet Factory ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) :
More details are available at our website.

Founded in June 1994, we are "creative technologists" who develop
Internet and INTRAnet solutions for Fortune 2000 companies. We are a
rapidly growing, yet well financed and professionally managed electronic
commerce company. As a Web Technical and Creative Shop we are focused on
advanced on-line commerce tools, such as JAVA, web/database integration,
real-time on-line customer/technical support,  and other cutting edge
applications. Enabling financial institutions to market and conduct
transactions on line is a core strength of ours, with top tier clients
like Comerica, Munder Capital Management, Chrysler Financial
Corporation, Roney & Co, Morgan Stanley, Magic Line, Funds Distributor,
Inc. and Harris Bank.  Our WebPartner (tm) ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ )
services help Webmasters worldwide maintain, expand and add new
technology to their web sites. We also partner with major Ad Agencies
and VARs to develop cutting edge, Web-based solutions for clients like
General Motors. Finally, we also create, maintain and upgrade INTRAnets
for companies such as TRW.

The position is based in our new headquarters in southeast Michigan  in
the heart of downtown Birmingham. A fun business suburb where you can
walk around and have a choice of 50 restaurants and four coffee houses
with a few blocks. If you are not familiar with SE Michigan and The
Motor City, this is one of a handful of cities you can actually walk
around. Our nice three story building is far from the glass cubes and
industrial parks.

Our fast growth creates opportunities for rapid advancement in
responsibilities, if you are up to the challenge. Weve worked in rigid
Fortune 500 environments in the past and we decided to create a more
flexible environment here.  We are at 25 team members,  adding five new
people a month. This is a great opportunity in a HOT field. If Michigan
and a high growth Electronic Commerce environment are for you please
send in your resume.

Contacting Us:
If you are looking for an adventure, and not just a love to
hear from you.

We will review your resume on paper or on-line and be in touch by email,
phone or letter within the week. We normally schedule brief phone
interviews for top candidates followed by two or more in person
interviews with members of our management team.

For CONFIDENTIAL consideration, please forward your resume by snail
mail, fax or email
Please indicate how you prefer to be contacted (at home in evening, at
work by phone, email)

The Internet Factory, Inc.
330 Hamilton Row, 3rd floor
Birmingham, Michigan  48009

the email, not attached)

FAX: 810-642-0594

We prefer that you do not call to inquire about the status of our
review. If you have not heard back from us as quickly as you expected
to, or want to reach us for other reasons (such as you are flying into
town for a day on an unrelated visit), please email us at  

Thanks for your interest in helping to build our Company. Best of luck
in all your future endeavors and we hope to see you on the Net !

Fri, 02 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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