grep-like search with multiple file output? 
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 grep-like search with multiple file output?


>> Next question: How does one generalize this script to imitate AWK's
>> associative arrays?
>Why imitate them?  Perl has those too.  It just calls them hashes.

Not surprising considering perl's various debts to awk. "One of the
many cool things about Perl is that it is (at least) a semantic
superset of awk."--Randall L. Schwartz, "Learning Perl" ORA.

>>   pattern[++i] = "second pattern";outfile[i]=sprintf("out%05d",i)
>Hmm.  Those seem to be arrays, not hashes.  (numerical vs. string indices)

Don't quote me, but I believe awk always indexes on the string
representations. The following short program (MKS AWK) seems to bear
me out since all it prints is "456".

  test[1] = "123"
  test["1"] = "456"
  for (i in test) print test[i]


Now whether the implementation uses hashes, a linked list, or whatever
is another issue entirely. MKS seems to use an LIFO arrangement.
Thompson Automation insists on sorting at the time--one reason why
there versions compiled to massive, slower beasts.

>I think I'd use a pattern -> filehandle mapping with a hash here:
>(tested code)

This code is beyond my limited perl knowledge, so let's get back to
AWK. <g>

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