GD/GIFgraph weirdness 
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 GD/GIFgraph weirdness

I have a script that is supposed to create a line graph
of some data, but it craps out with a division by 0
error.  I traced the location of the error through the module
and it fails at line 1036 in GIFgraph::axestype::setup_legend().
there, it tries to $num/$s->{lg_cols}, and both of these values
are 0.  Looking back, I see that  $num is set to 0 in the beginning
of the function, and $s->{lg_cols} = _min($s->{lg_cols}, $num), which
makes it 0.

If there anyone who is familiar with the internals of GIFgraph who can
explain what is happening there, I would really REALLY appreciate it.


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Sat, 27 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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