How do I see the actual error in an "eval" section? 
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 How do I see the actual error in an "eval" section?

I recently had an oracle query error that was inside an eval, and the
only info I could get back from perl was there was some "eval Error".

In this case I pulled it into pdb and traced it to the prepare
statement, then rewrote the section ABOVE the eval, inserting the
Oracle query and prepare, then finally detected the actual error.

If you can point me to more info to read that would be great!

  tuxy> perldoc eval
  No documentation found for "eval".
  tuxy> perldoc perleval
  No documentation found for "perleval".

which I don't think would apply as I'm not "using DB";. Maybe there is

  empty array

  empty array

  empty array


Tue, 02 Mar 2004 13:20:30 GMT  
 How do I see the actual error in an "eval" section?

>  tuxy> perldoc eval

Try perldoc perldoc :-)

You want "perldoc -f eval". Now, as to your error - please include
relevant information about used modules and some code.



Tue, 02 Mar 2004 13:40:55 GMT  
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