Perl, IIS, writing to network drives 
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 Perl, IIS, writing to network drives


># For network drive
>open (FEEDBACK,
>">>\\\\servername\\sharename\\subdir\\ar$year-$yday.txt") || die
>"Couldn't create file; $!\n";

I haven't tried the UNC method, so I can't comment on this problem, but this
next one will hurt pretty bad in about 9 months...


>print FEEDBACK "===Request - $month $mday,

No, No, No!  Do NOT prepend '19' to $year, ADD '1900' to $year, then use
$year.  Your approach will yield the 'year' '19100' next year.  It is a bit
silly (and potentially litigious) for us to be intentionally creating Y2K
issues less than a year before 2000.

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Tue, 28 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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