Perl 5.004 pod docs in texinfo and info format 
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 Perl 5.004 pod docs in texinfo and info format

Hello all,

I've translated the pod docs from Perl 5.004 into texinfo format (using the
methods described in the CPAN/doc/manual/info/perl-info.tar.gz as a starting
point).  The amount of hand-tweaking neccesary was non-negligable, and I'd
like to spare anyone else from having going through the same circus.

I've got two versions of the docs ready:
- Perl docs sans modules.
- Perl docs with all modules included.

The resulting texinfo files are too large to be formatted with Emacs and the
Texinfo must be used. The resulting Info files (all 46 of them if module
documentation is included) work perfectly as drop-in replacements for the
files mentionned above.

I'd like to put it all up on CPAN, but as it isn't a module, I don't see how

gotten a reply.

Could anyone let me know how I could get this on CPAN next to the old 5.002
texinfo format docs?



Sun, 21 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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