Efficiency/New Perl Book: return @array vs \@array 
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 Efficiency/New Perl Book: return @array vs \@array


 use Benchmark;
 timethis(1000000, "iso_xy()");

  sub iso_xy {

                          #the benchmark take 50% longer!

All you are doing in this benchmark is to return the same array
over and over again, without using it. Perl notices the fact
that you are not using the return value, so it doesn't do
anything internally.

and notices that you don't do anything with that scalar, so it
junks it .. but meanwhile it incurs the cost of creating that

When benchmarking make sure you do something with the return value.
In a real system, if you said

you incur the cost of an array copy,
whereas if you said,
  $foo = iso_xy(), you only incur the cost of a scalar copy.

- Sriram

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