File Locking and File Deletion 
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 File Locking and File Deletion

        I have about 6 different perl scripts that access the same flat file
and are used by around 200-300 users and is on there web sites and each time
they have a visitor, it is used. Every once in a while, it will delete data out
of the file.. Today I have 16 in the datafile when it was suppose to be 247.

        Another time it had increased itself to over 1 meg in size, and I was
told that my file locking wasn't correct and to use the code below instead. Any
ideas why the code is being delete or duplicated?

        I've considered using SQL but my server does not support any of these
so I'm stuck with flat file for now.

        I have file locking in place on every file, this is a s{*filter*}t:

&lock_file ($all, 5) || die "Can't lock $all";
unless ( open(FILE,">$datapath/all.txt") ) {
&unlock_file ($all);
die "Can't open $all for appending.";


&unlock_file ($all);

        And this is lock_file and unlock_file:

sub lock_file {

        local ($keen);

        for ($keen = 1; $keen <= $numtires; ++$keen) {
        if ( symlink ($all, $all . ".lck") ) {
        return 1;
        sleep 1;
        return 0;


sub unlock_file {

        unlink ($all . ".lck");


Thanks for all of your help,
Jordan DeLozier

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
 File Locking and File Deletion

> &lock_file ($all, 5) || die "Can't lock $all";
> sub lock_file {

        [snip of broken code]

Not atomic. Race conditions. Broken code.

# perldoc perlfaq5
     How can I lock a file?
     What [WHY] can't I just open(FH, ">file.lock")?

# perldoc -f flock
look at col04

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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