Help redirect STDOUT, STDERR under NT !!! 
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 Help redirect STDOUT, STDERR under NT !!!

My tool, written in Perl, reads a list of commands from an ASCII file
and calls them with the system call like:

At the beginning it optionally redirects STDOUT and STDERR into a

       if(!$opt_D) {
                open(LOG, ">>$B_logfile") || die "Can't open $B_logfile";
                $B_oldFh = select(LOG); $| = 1; select($B_oldFh);
                open(SAVEOUT, ">&STDOUT"); $B_oldFh = select(SAVEOUT); $| = 1;
                open(SAVEERR, ">&STDERR"); $B_oldFh = select(SAVEERR); $| = 1;
                open(STDOUT, ">&LOG") || die "Can't redirect stdout to
                open(STDERR, ">&LOG") || die "Can't redirect stderr to
        $B_oldFh = select(STDOUT); $| = 1; select($B_oldFh);
        $B_oldFh = select(STDERR); $| = 1; select($B_oldFh);

This all worked for years under Unix both with Perl4 and Perl5. Now,
under WindowsNT with the latest, build 303 activeware Perl it works
without redirection but blows up when I want a logfile:

Failed in '11: d:/atools/src/ $SRCPROD $DSTDIR $GZFILE
Exit value 9.
Signal value 0.
System error string 'Exec format error'.

The above 4 lines are produced by my script and Exit value is $? >> 8;
signal is $? & 255; and System error string is $!

My commands are perl scripts which might call other perl scripts.

What shall I do to make redirection of STDERR, STDOUT wotk under NT???
Thank you, Zach.

Sat, 04 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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