activestate perl kernel32.dll page fault at program end 
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 activestate perl kernel32.dll page fault at program end

I am using Activestate Perl build 522 on a Win98 system.

I have written a program to download several web pages using LWP::Simple,
parse each page
using HTML::TokeParser, store results from each page into Access table using

Every thing works fine until the program exits.  Then I get the kernel32.dll
page fault and my program
hangs unit I press a button (not helpful for unattended running).  If I
rewrite the program so that it does
not do the ODBC stuff, the program ends successfully.  If I rewrite the
program and dont do the LWP
stuff but do the ODBC stuff (I simulate the field datas for each iteration)
then the ACCESS table looks good
and the program ends ok.  At this point I am tempted to write three
programs, one that reads the stuff off
the web and write data to disk, another to read data from disk and write to
the Access table, and a third
program that runs the other two.

First, I thought I'd ask if anyone has seen this kind of behaviour before
and maybe has a clue as to what
I might look for to solve this.


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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