CGI file upload perl script on NT4 running IIS4 temp file creation question 
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 CGI file upload perl script on NT4 running IIS4 temp file creation question

I borrowed/developed code for a file upload CGI script in Perl for
NT4 also making use of the module. The script works just fine - it
uploads both text and binary files, except when it uploads a binary file it
(presumably perl) creates a duplicate of the file with a name like
CGItemp210001 in a temp folder on the current volume (if no temp folder is
available it creates it in the cgi-bin folder where the script was executed

while ($bytesread = read($uploadedFile,$buffer,1024)) {
    print OUTFILE $buffer;



QUESTION: I have surmised that the problem Perl but since
viewers here might develop for both NT and unix platforms, I was hoping
someone else might have experienced this problem and might know of a way to
circumvent the creation of the temp file when executing a similar script.
Any help/hints would be greatly appreciated.


Thu, 30 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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