Troubles with a Canned script 
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 Troubles with a Canned script

Im hoping someone here can help me. I am a new user to the world of
PERLl/CGI and have been using some of the scripts off of the various
resources on the net to aid in my learning. Currently I am trying to
configure a meesageboard that I downloaded from Matt's Script Archive.
It is his WWWBOARD messageboard. I thought I had it correctly set.
When I try to run it I type in the name,subject,e-mail etc into the
fields and then hit the enter a post button. It thens gives me an
error message stationg that I had not entered a name. OK I re-enter
the name. It then gives me the following error:

The requested URL /~celticbard/cgi-bin/cgi-bin/wwwboard.cgi was not
found on this server.

Its frustrating to say the least! Here's how I configured the script:

$basedir = "/usr/home/celticbard/public_html/board/";
$baseurl = "~celticbard/board/";
$cgi_url = "cgi-bin/wwwboard.cgi";

$mesgdir = "messages";
$datafile = "data.txt";
$mesgfile = "test.htm";
$faqfile = "faq.htm";

$ext = "htm";

$title = "test";

I know im doing something stupid yet am at a loss as to what! I wrote
Matt about it but have gotten no reply. If there is anyone out here
who can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance

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Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 Troubles with a Canned script


>It then gives me the following error:

>The requested URL /~celticbard/cgi-bin/cgi-bin/wwwboard.cgi was not
>found on this server.

This  "/cgi-bin/cgi-bin" is the clue, I think.


>$basedir = "/usr/home/celticbard/public_html/board/";
>$baseurl = "~celticbard/board/";
>$cgi_url = "cgi-bin/wwwboard.cgi";

             Try inserting a slash here.

Note however, that this was not really a Perl question, and that scripts from
Matt's Script Archive are known to have some problems (see DejaNews for


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Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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