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 Help with Parse:RecDescent

For once my question is simple enough that I can post code:

use Parse::RecDescent;
$grammer = q {
              NUMBER : /[+-]?\d+\.?\d*[afpnumkgt]/     #Match numbers w/units ie. 5u
                     | /[+-]?\d+\.?\d*[eE]?[+-]?\d*/   #Match sci. numbers ie. 10.4e-15
              VARIABLE : /\w+/

              expression : NUMBER
                         | VARIABLE
                         | /\'[^\']+\'/
              assignment : VARIABLE '=' expression
              param : assignment | expression
              { print "Param:\n";
                print "Assignment : $item{assignment}\n";
                $item{assignment}; }

              startrule : param

$debug = 1;
$::RD_TRACE = $debug;
$parser = Parse::RecDescent->new($grammer);

The issue here is that in the param macro doesn't perform
the actions that follow UNLESS I remove the "| expression".
When this is commented the assignment item returns "5u",
not "a=5u" as I would expect, even though the rule matched.

Can anyone set me straight?

Sun, 26 Dec 2004 15:36:53 GMT  
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