Guru help needed - Posting from perl-cgi to newsgroup 
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 Guru help needed - Posting from perl-cgi to newsgroup

Re: Guru help needed - Posting from perl-cgi to

gbacon> Please help me Mr. Guru (whoever you are) I
gbacon> want to find a way to post data directly
gbacon> into certain newsgroups straight from our
gbacon> cgi

I would be sure to test this only on local "test"
groups first before hitting USENET in toto with

gbacon> My programmer has never done this type of
gbacon> thing before and we cannot find anything in
gbacon> the perl books or out on the internet on how
gbacon> to interface a cgi with a news server (just
gbacon> for posting)

Interaction with a news server has nothing to do
with CGI, which is just the interface between the
WWW server and the code dealing with the HTTP
request (here: your perl program).

To talk to a news server via NNTP in perl, use the
Net::NTTP module, more info:

    perldoc Net::NNTP

If you don't have it, go to http://www.*-*-*.com/
get it there.

gbacon> We just basically want to know how to pass
gbacon> information (subject line, reply to address,
gbacon> and message body) to my web hoster's news
gbacon> server ( from a cgi program
gbacon> running on>

To handle the CGI interface you should use     (cunningly named eh?)

"perldoc CGI" for more info, it's a standard module
in perl distributions.

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