need help with foreach 
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 need help with foreach

I would like to use the foreach statement, to process OpenVMS *.bck
files.  I do not want to hard-code the OpenVMS path name; i.e. I would
like to do something like this:
  foreach $bckfile (<"$path" . "*.bck">) {
where $path is something provided by the user.  I know that $path is
correct, but I must still hard-code the path name like this:
  foreach $bckfile (<abc:[def.ghij]*.bck>) {
otherwise the code in the foreach loop will not get executed.  I have
loops like this for other platforms:
  foreach $tarfile (<$path/*.tz.>) {
The above foreach works just great for UNIX.  What's the problem with my
foreach on OpenVMS?


Also, I posted an article over a week ago about parameter passing, but
nobody answered.  Either the question was too easy, or it never got

Sat, 14 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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