Using LWP, HTTP::Cookies etc in multi-threading in Windows 2000 
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 Using LWP, HTTP::Cookies etc in multi-threading in Windows 2000


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I am planning to use LWP and related packages in a multi-threaded Perl
application. The book "Network Programming With Perl" by Stein reiterates
the warnings, in the chapter on multi-threading, that 'multithreading should
not be used in production systems'.

I have three questions:
    1) Is LWP, HTTP:Cookies and related packages thread-safe?

    2) The warnings appear to be associated more with version 5.005 than
5.6. Stein mentions that things are much better in 5.6 but defers to version
6 (promised by summer of 2001, according to Stein) as the consummate Perl
with threading support. I am wondering if people have relevant experience of
using LWP etal in a multi-threading application?

    3) Assuming that the answers to the first two questions are positive, is
Active Perl the correct version to use for Windows 2000? (the deployment
platform). Is their Multi-threading version stable?


Wed, 10 Sep 2003 05:56:44 GMT  
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