Slash vs backslash in nt vs 95? 
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 Slash vs backslash in nt vs 95?


> I use the slash as the filespace delimiter in Perl scripts I run on NT. The
> -M, -s, -d, and -f file tests work fine. When I try to run the same program
> on 95, I get zero for age, and size and false for directoriness and fileness.
> Changing from slash to escape (backslash) makes them work.

I can't duplicate this behavior:

c:\windows\command>perl -e "print -s 'c:/windows/command/pfe32.exe'"
c:\windows\command>dir PFE32.EXE
 3/24/97  20:30         589,824  PFE32.EXE

It works on my machine. I recently upgraded to Windows 98, and
am running ActiveState:

This is perl, version 5.003_07
Perl for Win32 Build 316 - Built 09:44:44 Mar 13 1998

This isn't the latest and greatest, but I am waiting for version 5.005
before I upgrade again.

Is there anything else in the path that might be causing a problem?
Can you post some code?

Look at Softbase Systems' client/server tools,
Check out the Essential 97 package for Windows 95
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