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My system is Solaris, and my versions are:
Apache/2.0.36 (Unix) mod_perl/1.99_01-dev Perl/v5.6.1

I am trying to get Apache::MP3::Resample to work with absolutely NO luck.  After
2 days of tweaking code, I am still stuck in the Land of Errors.  From what I
can gather, this must be designed for MacPerl.  I don't know if that makes a big
difference or not, but the code was apparently written on a version that allowed
for looser coding.  There are LOTS of bareword strings that my version of Perl
complains about, for example.

Does anyone out there have experience with the Apache::MP3 module(s) on a Unix box?

Thanks -- Barrett

Mon, 01 Nov 2004 21:42:05 GMT  
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