Ad Rotation Module --Seeking testers. 
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 Ad Rotation Module --Seeking testers.

I hope this is the appropriate place for this post.

I have written a module which rotates ads and keeps statistics on the
banners viewed.  In order to make it conform with some vague idea of a
standard, I would like to release it for testing, and possibly later for
distribution under a GNU type license.

If anyone is interested in testing and helping to develop it into
something useful for others, and has something like 100,000+ views/mo in
advertising, e-mail me.  Someone with experience writing and releasing
to the public perl modules would be particularly helpful.

If you would like to see it in action, just go to
200-300k ad loads daily.

Features in the current version:

Rotation of ads based upon groups.
Weighting of ads.
Cookies to manage clickthroughs.
Cookies to manage the rotation (to make sure every ad is seen before
repeat ads are displayed).
Supports gifs, jpegs and redirects to offsite images.
Optional matching based upon user agent.
Statistics via web for individual accounts.
Daily statistics of all accounts.
Computation of total ad loads, # of hosts which saw the ad and clicks.
Accounting of ads based upon # of hosts viewing ad within 24 hour
Reverse log lookups for hosts not properly returning cookies upon
Written to be used with normal cgi and mod_perl.
and more....



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Tue, 11 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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