ipc::open3 example please 
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 ipc::open3 example please

I've been told that IPC::open3 is the way to go for a program I'm
writing.  I am making a system call to a shell script, passing a path
variable with it(ex.  shell.sh /dir).

The script basically replicates a server to another one with rdist.  I
want the output of rdist to be outputted to the screen as it runs.  I
have written it to save the output and spit it out and the end, but do
not want the user to sit there for a half hour wondering what's

I've found a brief example of open2, but it doesn't seem to run when
put into the perl script.  Can someone send me an example of the
IPC::open3 function in relation to my application?  Thanks.


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Sat, 01 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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