Substitute variables when reading file 
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 Substitute variables when reading file


> I have a Perl program which opens up a text file, and in this text file
> there are $variables.  How can I get Perl to map these
> $variables without explicity mapping each one.
> For example,

> Here's my Perl file;
> $name = "Neal";
> open (FILE, "file.txt");
> while (<FILE>) {
>   print "$_";
> }

> ----------file.txt-------
> Hi, my name is $name
> -------

> The output would be "Hi, my name is $name." BUT, I want it to be
> "Hi, my name is Neal."

The way I approach this problem is usually something like this.
1. Put the variables you want to substitute into a hash:
  %vars = (name => Neal,


$KEYWORD as you suggest is bad becuase it makes it basically
impossible to have a $ sign in your file for any other purpose (like
listing a dollar amount, for example.

3. Do the substitution like this:
my $filename = 'file.txt';
open(FILE, $filename) or die "Can't read $filename: $!\n";
while(<FILE>) {




A couple of other notes:
  1. Put the filename in a variable; you'll probably want to change it
  2. Always check the return code from open().
  3. print with no arguments prints $_, and you shouldn't put double
quotes around a plain variable: it's superfluous.



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